Reiki with Bailey Larson

Bailey is a certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Ryoho First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner. She is certified through the International Center for Reiki Training and has been exposed to energy work through her mother, Tawni Harrison, for most of her life.

I found that Reiki employed the element of my mother’s massage that other massage modalities seemed to be lacking. I couldn’t put my finger on just what was missing until I received a Reiki session for the first time. That was when I realized that the element missing, the thing I couldn’t quite describe, was energy. -Bailey

Reiki can be broken up into two parts with Rei meaning “Spiritual Wisdom” and Ki meaning “Life Energy”. Put these two words together and we find that Reiki is life force energy guided by higher spiritual wisdom. This means that Reiki can do no harm and can only work for the highest good of a patient. Rather than the energy coming directly from the practitioner, they are instead a conduit, calling on a force outside of themselves to work through them and help.

Unlike traditional massage, Reiki can be done in-person or long distance. The use of touch is not required at all, as the energy emanates from the palms of the hands, finger tips, third eye.

Pricing Structure

$35 – 30min

$70 – 1hr

What you Need

  • Something comfy to wear
  • Water
  • (Optional) A snack to ground yourself with after

If you would like to schedule a Reiki appointment please call 612-281-5458 and let me know if you have any sensitivities to oil or incense.